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The context-aware token gift giving app

What Is Gifto
Gifto is a mobile app design that aims to make token gift giving possible for loved ones even when they are not living in the same city. It is context-aware and uses this knowledge to provide personalized gifts in real time and makes use of the emerging sensor technologies to tie itself firmly into the Internet of Things.
The app also has various privacy levels that can distinguish between your acquaintances, friends and loved ones and allow the user to limit what information will be shown to whom.
Gifto allows people to show their loved ones that they care about the little things, are involved in their day-to-day lives and lets them token gift-give anywhere spontaneously without having to spend hours on a retail website.
Investigation Phase

We were to design for the following two personas according to the project brief we were given.
Julie Tang (61) lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and her only daughter Daisy has recently moved to Seattle for work. Julie knows that Daisy is strong and smart. She wants her daughter to be brave and to feel like she can go anywhere in the world. At the same time, she wants to keep Daisy close so she can share small moments and little bits of wisdom that seem to float by. Daisy wants to share more with her mother about what she is up to. She misses sharing the day to day. But she also wants her privacy, and sometimes sets some Facebook posts to not be seen by her mom.
The personas are meant to encompass a larger set of close friends and family members who want to exchange tokens of affection and concern in order to maintain a close connection.
Ecosystem Collection

To start off, our team did an ecosystem collection where we processed and synthesized all the data we had in this problem space, to understand it better as a team. This lead us to focus on exploring three broad ideas: contextual gift giving, crowdsourcing gift and gifts as a way to thanks.
Storyboards and Scenarios

Following the ecosystem collection process, we explored multiple scenarios by way of writing them out and then refined these in the form of storyboards, which we iterated upon multiple times.
Following are some of the Storyboards that take the personas end-to-end experience through the significant touchpoints of using the app, demonstrating how the goal is achieved.
Navigational Maps

We created several maps to give us an overview of the entire system, the connections and flow of the app.
After many iterations of the scenarios, storyboards and navigational maps we decided to make an app that was context-aware and would tap into the user's social media account, Fitbit and other sensors to aid the user's to buy relevant token-gifts all in real time. In the next section are the wireframes we created for this idea.
Prototyping phase
We explored various solutions and iterated over them by prototyping paper and screen wireframes for the defined scenarios.
Paper Prototypes
Lo-fi Wireframes

Next, we created lo-fi prototypes and decided on certain design guidelines for our hi-fi prototypes in the process.
Building Phase
Hi-Fi Prototypes

Using Sketch we created hi-fi prototypes for the final app design for the three different scenarios we explored.
Sending a gift
Receiving a gift and Sending a thank you note
Receiving thank you note
The Ideal Future
The ideal future for this app is that users can spontaneously buy token gifts for their loved ones.
How it Works
Gifto provides recommendations by parsing data from the user's social media accounts, location and fitness trackers.
Privacy Concerns
Since we are using the user's data that might cause some privacy concerns. We have created a system where people can control what they share with whom. There are three levels that they can bucket their audience into, which are: Acquaintances, Friends and Starred (might include family, significant others etc.). For example, the user can choose to not share her location with a certain set of people, as can be seen below.
InVision Clickthrough
The clickthroughs can be accessed here:
Team Gifto: Emily Su, Jae Won Kim, Nana Choi and Raghav Anand
My Role: UX Designer

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